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Payroll Department


Here are some basic advantages accruing from outsourcing the payroll and personnel management:

  • Reducing the company’s operating costs related to a payroll and personnel department (no need to invest in tools and competences)
  • Guarantee of respecting the changing provisions of labour law, Social Security, and personal income tax
  • Transfer of responsibility to the outsourcing company
  • The obligatory liability insurance of the external entity
  • Guarantee of confidentiality of payroll data and of not disclosing the data within the company
  • Security of data storage (back-up, antivirus software, security procedures)
  • Meeting deadlines for submitting documents and making payments after hiring employees
  • Day-to-day consulting in the area of labour law, Social Security, and personal income tax

SR Polska’s Payroll and Personnel Department has been for years supporting its Clients by professionally going through the calculation of remunerations and keeping the personnel documentation.

A high quality of services, a broad range of competence, and practical knowledge of up-to-date legal provisions, as well as many years’ experience enable SR Polska to adjust its offer to Clients of very diversified business profiles and to propose tested methods of cooperation.

We are experienced in carrying out outsourcing contracts at different stages of progress, from servicing the payroll and personnel of a newly-established entity, through taking over an existing outsourcing, all the way to substituting the HR departments within companies.

We adjust the range of our services to the size and needs of the Client.

PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION – an Example of Range of Services
  • Calculating the remunerations as provided by the law and the remuneration policy
  • Settling the work time on the basis of electronic readers or paper documentation kept by the Client
  • Accounting for periods of sick leave and keeping the benefit documentation
  • Conducting the activities related to an attachment of earnings
  • Settling remunerations payable under civil-law contracts, management contracts, and settling remunerations of management board members
  • Completing the monthly and annual forms concerning advances withheld on personal income tax (PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, PIT-11, PIT-40)
  • Completing the monthly and annual ZUS forms (ZUS DRA, ZUS RCX, ZUS RSA, ZUS ZZA, ZUS IWA, the annual statement of withheld Social Security contributions financed by the employee)
  • Registration at the Social Security ZUS and removal from ZUS of employees, family members, and persons hired under civil-law contracts (ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZZA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA)
  • Completing the monthly and annual forms required for the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled PFRON
  • Reporting on remunerations as required by the Central Statistical Office GUS
  • Preparing reports concerning remuneration costs of particular departments
  • Preparing payroll listings for internal reporting / the shareholder
  • Calculating provisions for periods of leave
  • Issuing employment and remuneration certificates
  • Signing documents in the name of the Client
  • Making bank transfers of remunerations, ZUS contributions, personal income tax, and PFRON contributions (guarantee of full confidentiality of payroll data)
  • Help and support during inspections carried out by ZUS and tax authorities
  • Preparing documentation for retirement and pension purposes (ZUS RP-7)
  • Consultations on day-to-day personnel and payroll matters
  • Consulting in the area of labour law, Social Security, and personal income tax

And also:

  • Completing the formalities related to seconding employees abroad (form A-1)
  • Settling remunerations, taxes, and Social Security during a secondment of an employee abroad
  • Settling tax and Social Security contributions on remunerations of foreigners seconded to Poland
  • Requesting ZUS and tax authorities to issue certificates of no arrears on ZUS contributions and personal income tax
  • Requesting ZUS and tax authorities to issue interpretations concerning doubtful matters (different and sometimes contradictory opinions of tax authorities, Social Security ZUS, and of Labour Inspectorate on the same or similar matters)
  • Amending ZUS returns for previous years, before SR Polska took over the payroll management, and amending ZUS returns due to the exceeded 30th multiple of the base for retirement insurance and pension insurance

Day-to-day cooperation with a tax adviser enables our staff to consult tax provisions and to refer to updated legal documents and interpretations.

KEEPING PERSONNEL FILES – an Example of Range of Services
  • Taking over the Client’s personal files or preparing the personal files if such documentation was never kept previously
  • Keeping and completing the personnel documentation on a day-to-day basis
  • Preparing standard employment contracts, appendices, agreements, terminations, employment certificates and other documents related to the hiring process, the employment relationship, and to the termination of an employment contract
  • Preparing documents related to penalties and rewards
  • Determining rights to severance benefits and compensations
  • Preparing the documentation related to bailiff seizures
  • Possibility of preparing a bilingual version of personnel documents (Polish-French and Polish-English)
  • Issuing recommendations for preliminary, periodic and preventive medical check-ups, and monitoring check-up dates
  • Assuring constant cooperation with a firm specializing in occupational safety BHP and running training courses in BHP, preparing the documentation related to professional risks, the documentation related to accidents at work, on the way to work, etc.
  • Determining the number of days of vacation available and keeping vacation records
  • Reporting on staff data as required by the Central Statistical Office GUS
  • Preparing reports and listings related to staff
  • Help and support during an inspection carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate
  • Preparing work policies, remuneration policies, and Entity’s Fund for Social Benefits policies
  • Consulting and help in solving problems in the area of labour law

We are ready to help you in Polish, French, and English.


Contact: Elżbieta Bubis