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ImageAs part of our comprehensive accounting service, we offer:  

Full book-keeping
  • accounting services related to starting up a business in Poland
  • current book-keeping, in accordance with provisions of the law in force, own our own IT system or using the IT system of the client
  • takeover of documents and migration of historical data
  • preparation of records of tangible fixed assets and records of equipment, keeping records of warehouse movements
  • keeping VAT records
  • VAT and CIT settlements
  • monitoring accounts receivable and payable, confirmations of balances with clients and suppliers
  • preparation of sales invoices
  • filling out monthly tax returns and statistical reports
  • preparation of year-end documents
  • participation in audits of financial statements
  • replacement for the chief accountant
  • quick assistance to accounting personnel
  • assistance and participation in inspections made by tax authorities

Our services include the possibility of reviewing your company books of account online.
This service comes very comfortable for companies. Using the Internet they will have the possibility of constant access (review) to all accounting entries (documents) and to follow the company’s current financial situation, which will certainly assure an efficient exchange of information with the accounting office.
To ensure financial data security, the online access is possible on obtaining an authorization given by SR POLSKA.  

VAT settlements for foreign entities
  • registration of the entity
  • keeping VAT registers
  • VAT settlements with the tax office
  • requesting VAT reclaim
  • contacts with the tax office
Organization of the finance and accounting department
  • preparation and implementation of procedures of taking over documents, effective flow of information, and of smooth communication with the client
  • creation and modernization of the chart of accounts, accounting policy, and of the cost instruction
  • introduction of a management accounting system
  • introduction of a financial control system
Accounting consulting
  • making regular reviews of accounting documentation and procedures
  • consulting and assistance in solving accounting problems
  • constant notification of changes in provisions of the law relating to the client’s business

Contact: Agnieszka Wiszorowska